The People

Dave Wise Portrait

The founder of Scorching Image

Dave Wise (photographer)

The founder of Scorching Image Photography, more by accident than anything else; the name itself comes from a simple play on words.  Dave is principally a fashion, editorial and celebrity photographer; having worked with the likes of Angellica Bell, Ortis Deeley, Jocelyn Brown and Mel B.  Dave’s been published globally in everything from Newsstand Fashion magazines to behind the scenes commercial teaching material for the creative industry.  Dave is passionate about what he does and cares very much for the people around him.  As Dave says “Nothing is done in isolation other than going mad.”  Dave was recently described as part of the fashion elite on the hit TV Show “Britains Next Top Model” but certainly doesn’t have an ego.  He has an opinion (ed. on pretty much everything to be fair) and often doesn’t mind sharing it.  His laid back style never ceases to put people at ease.  The mantra heard being chanted when shooting “if it isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong“.


Lauren Baker

Hippy Chick

Lauren Baker (Makeup Artist/Bodypainter)

An immensely talented Artist, not just with Makeup and Paint.  Lauren is just as skilled with traditional pencil and paper.  Lauren is an independent artist who works with some very talented photographers around the UK, her handy work has been published world wide.  A real Hippy Chick in her outlook on life and will invariably be found cuddling either Hot Chocolate or Dr Pepper.  Amazingly Lauren even finds time to write her own Beauty blog as well, there are no ends to this girls talents.  A keen member of the team for almost 2 years now, one we are very pleased to have around working with us.  Lauren’s recently had work in Haute Magazine, War Magazine and other more fashion centric publications.  Lauren loves makeup in Fashion as well as helping to tell people about the world of skin beauty.


Julie Cooper

Mischief anyone?

Cassie Steward (Makeup Artist)

Cassie is an experienced make-up artist working throughout the UK, mainly in fashion and advertising. An all round good egg and great fun to have on a shoot, Cassie is amazingly talented and knows her trade inside and out (ed. hence we love her).

Clients include: Sony, Hallmark, Vodafone, B+Q, Carphone Warehouse, Triumph International, National Grid, Azendi, Antonio Federicci, AX Paris, Figure Clothing, etc. (ed. Don’t forget us and FIASCO Magazine)


Anne Look

Little Miss Layers

Anne Look (Fashion Stylist/Picture Editor)

Anne is known as the layer queen simply because she really, really likes layering stuff up when styling people, although also the Hat Lady, it is very rare for Anne to be seen without being adorned by headpiece.  From Australia and often travels back and forth from London, Anne brings something very inspiring to her work and environment.  A constant energy that never seems to dissipate.  Anne has worked at Harrods as well as many other really cool fashion related things, but first and foremost she is a stylist, she really understands how to dress people and what’s right and what’s not. Anne also writes an awesome blog which details style and fashion trends in and around which is very highly read, Stylist and the City.  Anne is the newest member to join the merry band that is Scorching Image, a relationship we all want to continue for a very long time to come.