Dave Wise works with the London College of Fashion

Dave Wise works with the London College of Fashion

Once a year Dave get’s invited into the centre of excellence that is the London College of Fashion to discuss the courses and content to be covered by the students starting through the foundation course then moving into their BA.  For Dave it’s a privilege more than a chore, he loves the opportunity to help give the new talent in the world of Fashion Photography and Styling, the knowledge they will need. Anyway, enough from me, here is what Dave had to say about it.

Bleak looking train station, please note all the water!

Well it’s that time of year again, time to review the changes and the next steps in the courses at the LCF. It’s always the same, it seems Gavin (or Ben, not sure which to be honest), love picking the days when it is absolutely belting down with rain to do these things. I remember last year Rebekah and I getting drenched outside John Princes St. This time is was Vanessa Warren, the extremely talented Fine Art photographer and I, arriving at the Lime Grove site looking like a pair of drowned rats and feeling a little dishevelled. All part of the fun as they say.

Warm and dry at last!

So, after drying off and warming up, the fun begins.  It’s actually quite surprising the things we need to know to work in the wonderful world of Fashion Photography and Fashion Styling. (ed. it’s just point and click right? surely?).  For students embarking on this 2 to 3 year journey it can seem a little daunting and fragmented, but really, it isn’t.  The goal of the course if to give each and every student the ability to understand themselves, or at least start to, lets face it, it takes a lifetime to find out what makes you tick.  Sometimes, just sometimes, even after that lifetime you still haven’t worked it out!  But the London College of Fashion aim, quite rightly, to give you the tools to understand yourself, to be able to express yourself and be able to adapt to the scenarios that often play off around you during your career.

The topic of conversation

Some things from the last session have already been incorporated into the course content, including structure changes that are right now being implemented, it’s exciting times for the students currently studying and for the London College of Fashion.  We spent hours discussing the why’s and wherefore’s about what students NEED to know and what they may want to know.  Its difficult for a group of passionate people to stay on track, especially once they realise they can be whatever they want to be.  It can be difficult to find that balance of spreading wings or clipping.  Some students wont like having the wings clipped, even just a little, but they need to remember, The London College of Fashion get’s 500+ applicants a year, 80 are interviewed, for just 25 places.  It’s about finding your feet, not refusing the input.  If you refuse the input, act like you wont be influenced, how will you survive in an industry that is all about influence and trend?  We discussed new modules, new credits and even new vocational skills.  The courses are definitely becoming essential learning, I can’t believe I think that; given my background of using “Life” as my motivator not being shown what to do.  I like the way the students learn and are taught at the London College of Fashion, its real and more importantly, it works.

Finally on the Agenda was talk of new courses, new faculties, well what can I say, I for one am very excited for the future.  We finished the evening with a tour round the studios at Lime Grove; these are very lucky students!

I look forward to being a part of it for many more years to come! (ed. and you said it was all about the home made pastries!).