Dave Wise shoots for Heidi Mottram SS11 and the results are Magical

Dave Wise shoots for Heidi Mottram SS11 and the results are Magical

Heidi Mottram is well known for her use of non-traditional skins when it comes to producing her beautiful Bags.  The Spring/Summer 2011 collection is truly amazing.  The whole collection is inspired by Sea Lillies and Haida (for those of you who don’t know, that’s a totem pole by the way).  They are all about the beauty, patterns, structure and power.  Dave Wise was commissioned to come up with a shoot concept that reflected the collections inspiration and produce images that were “Magical” in feel as well as beautiful.

Dave wanted to use something wooden, something shell shaped and something worn, to reflect all of the elements of the initial concepts in the designs.  With some hard searching a Chaise Longue was found with all of those elements.  It was absolutely beautiful, with a Suede seat, scroll work and antiqued finish.  All things requested, in one neat (ed. but expensive) package.

Everything from start to finish took a couple of weeks to sort out, in fact the entire process from commission, through concept to delivery of images took around 4 weeks.  The brief was done, the props purchased, creatives booked and the model optioned.  Dave said “Well, the bags are about skin, in this case fish, but still skin and texture.  As human beings we’re about skin, lots of it, so we shouldn’t over dress the situation, it should be about skin on skin and the bag should be an extension of the person holding it.  I know my Wife would never leave the house without hers and our family life manages to squeeze into that.  So it had to be a naked model, we should blend the two together.  I commissioned Lauren Baker, an amazingly talented Bodypainter to help me with that particular element.  I accept it could all have been done in post production, but that’s not what making a photograph is about”.

Have a look at Dave’s shoot, behind the scenes of creating the Magical Sea Lillie inspired images of Heidi Mottram.

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Behind the Scenes

The final images