Scorching Image Photography originally started life as a trading arm for the photographer Dave Wise, way back in 2003. Principally aimed at product photography for inserts and catalogues for clients such as JML, The Mirror Group and The Times. As time has gone on Dave has found himself moving further and further away from that side of photography. Now he spends most of his time shooting Fashion and Celebrities. A mix of PR, Editorial and Advertising. Dave still does Still Life work, but is no longer his focus.

During Dave’s journey with his photography he has met some awesome people, very creative talent that often goes unseen by the rest of the world. Because the Scorching Image website generates quite a lot of traffic, Dave has decided to open it up as a showcase environment for what all of these extremely talented people are doing, so they can share what they do with you.

This site isn’t for booking any particular person or group of persons, there are links to each of the members individual websites here on the site, it is merely a place where you can follow what we as a merry little group are getting on with.

The remit is quite clear, we post stuff that is as a direct result of what we are doing in our working lives.  We will not be posting about “Piss up’s” at the latest party, although we may well put up “behind the scenes” stuff for product launches, brand launches or special events that we as a group attend.

The Scorching Image members are a close knit bunch that all know each other in person, don’t mind meeting anywhere (including home) and are honest and true to each other.  They display a level of integrity to their craft that is beyond the call  and are consummate professionals.  From time to time as we meet new people; new talent, this site will grow in the number of people sharing their work with you.

Enjoy the site, feel free to comment and share your thoughts with everyone involved.

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